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What Is Zapable Evolution?

Zapable Evolution is the best app building platform existing today! Full Stop! You can easily create apps for

  1. Your Business!
  2. Your Offline/Online Clients!
  3. Affiliate Apps!
  4. Giveaway/Coupon Apps!
  5. Discounts/Best Deals Apps!
  6. e-Commerce Apps!
  7. Directory Apps and more!!

Zapable Evolution is an upgrade of the former SaaS app builder Zapable. It now has more features and is offered at a promo price until the doors close again for 6 months! Take advantage of this deal by clicking RIGHT HERE!

Do you Have Proof It Works?

Yes. We do! A Zapable member has built an app called Blooming App. It is an app that lists events, bars, offers coupons and loyalty cards for locals. The url: bloomington.in.gov

The app was built for a client of his, which is now earning more than $15k/month by placing sponsored ads within the app. See below a few other images of real apps created by members:

zapable review

And this is a quote from a member that was willing to share his revenues (note that this was posted in September, 2015:

zapable evolution proof

One of the best ways to make a huge profit with Zapable SaaS is create apps for offline/local businesses and sell the apps starting with $500 and more + maintenance fees if you want.

Below is the proof of the above strategy. A member sold his app to a Crossfit Gym. See the story below:

zapable proof-crossfit

Zapable Evolution WILL SELL OUT! We had 3 plans, monthly, annually and lifetime account. The lifetime accounts are already sold out @ the price of $1497! Only Monthly @ $49 and Annually @ $397 are left! You HAVE TO HURRY! Click This Link to Secure Your Spot in ZAPABLE EVOLUTION!

In-Depth Review of Zapable Evolution Features

Following is a detailed explanation of the features of Zapable SaaS.

1. Design Your App: you can design your app exactly the way you want it to look like. And you have the following tools at your disposal:

  • Front Page Builder
  • Drag-n-Drop Interface
  • Selection of Fonts, Sizes and Colors
  • Selection of background colors
  • Customization of headers.
  • and more…

2. Custom Splash Screen: You can customize the splash screen on both iOS and Android, and can preview the results.

3. Push Notifications: You can now easily send push notifications with 100% delivery rates. Business owners simply adore this features! Push Notifications features works in 4 easy steps:

  1. Select Destination: URL, APP or Tab within the APP.
  2. Select device – iOs or Android.
  3. Target the users geographically.
  4. Send/Publish: this is instant deliver with 100% inbox rate!

4. Create e-Commerce Stores: You can build your own ecommerce stores based on Shopify, Amazon, iTunes or custom catalogue.

5. Social Media Integration: You can link to your social media accounts from your app: FB, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker and others.

6. Create Directories: This is another GOLDEN feature. Directory apps bring a lot of income to app owner. This works best with local businesses.

7. Seamless Video Import: You can add videos from YT Channels, playlists, based on keywords or adding individual videos.

8. Lead Collection: You can collect leads in any niche by inserting optin forms directly into the app. The forms support 4 major autoresponders; Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp and Infusion Soft!

9. Image/Media Galleries: You can add galleries to your apps. The galleries can display images that represent the business. Example: locations, foods, flowers and more depending on the business.

10. Appointments Forms: You can add appointments from to the apps. Very useful for businesses such as doctors, repairmen, lawyers and others.

11. Viral Form Builder: You can build surveys forms, competitions and quizzes. Forms are integrated with autoresponder. Very good for places like bars and restaurants.

12. Orders and Reservations: This is important for food delivery or servicing businesses.

Take a Look @ All The Other Features &

Watch this Amazing Demo for Zapable Evolution!

Summary of What’s Inside Zapable Evolution:

Full Access to Zapable Cloud Based App Builder with over 30 Features. ($10,997 value)

  1. Full Training, Over 50 Tutorials, “Swipe & Deploy “Emails to Close Deals. Training on How to Research and Approach Clients. How to Build Affiliate Marketing Apps with Amazon. Access to the Zapable Academy ($1000 Value)
  2. Access to the “Member Only” Zapable Private Forum. Over 4000 members and 3865 posts. Share and collaborate with like minded Zapable members ($1497 Value)
  3. Two Free Tickets to Our Offline Zapable Event 2016. (Exact dates and location to be confirmed – rest assured you are invited and we are paying your ticket) ($997 Value)
  4. Zapable Monthly Contests – We give cash prizes with LIVE leaderboards for most apps generated, most sales made etc. and many more. ($1000 value)

zapable evolution plans

zapable evolution price

Zapable Evolution lets you build apps for almost any niche out there or in other words, for any offline/ online business! You dont need to have any coding or technical skills. Even newbies can start using it as soon as they buy it.

Zapable Evolution Review
Zapable Evolution SaaS is the best app building tool. It has many features that the competition doesn't even dream about. The promo price they have right now is limited! Read more in our Zapable Evolution Review! I.M. Hound STRONGLY recommends to get the tool to any marketer that is serious about making money! Very Good Money!
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